Are 47 Kit Kats eaten every second?

How many Kit Kat are eaten every second?

150 Kit Kat

How old is KitKat?

The origin of the KitKat dates back to 1935 when the four-finger wafer crisp chocolate bar was launched in London. Back then, it wasn’t known as the KitKat but “Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp”. It was renamed to “KitKat Chocolate Crisp” two years later – Rowntree’s dropped the “Chocolate Crisp” after the World War II.

Are 47 Kit Kats eaten every second?

More than 1 billion KIT KAT® products are eaten in the UK every year – the equivalent of 564 fingers every second! 17.6 billion KIT KAT® fingers are eaten across the world every year.

How many Kit Kats can you eat?

Kit Kats: Only 70 calories, this fun size bar lets you eat almost one and a half packs. If you think if it this way, each fun size pack has two Kit Kat bars. So you can eat three for one hundred calories.

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